A flying visit to the Army Museum | Cheam School

The Year 5s went on an amazing History trip yesterday to the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop yesterday as part of their World War II curriculum. They were split into 4 groups: Lynx, Apache, Chipmunk and Auster and were taken around the museum to take part in different activities. Walking around a 1930s house and seeing an Anderson shelter led by Alistair was especially interesting. The children had a tour around the museum showing them all the different aircraft that had been used in various wars ranging from hot air balloons to flying cars! The propaganda poster search was particularly fun as they had to do some code breaking whilst wandering through the aircraft. The children were able to have a handling session where they dressed up in clothes from WW2 and were able to touch different artefacts from the war. The children learnt about different aircraft and what they were used for using a press stamp, were able to sit in different helicopters on display and try their hand at building an engine. They had a fantastic time and were very grateful to Joanna and the Army Flying team for leading them. Also, a big thank you to Mr Rist, Mrs Clark, Mr Fildes and Ben Hummel for helping us on such an educational trip.

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