Celebration of Christmas! | Cheam School

Chapel choir once again set off for Winchester on Wednesday for what was to be a musical marathon!A morning rehearsal at The Hospital of St. Cross (including doughnut break!) set the stage for the evening event and introduced the children to a wonderful acoustic and the stunning surroundings of the church and grounds.Following a return trip for matches, a swift supper and another Winchester-bound journey, pupils were ready for their first celebration of Christmas. The service began with Tom Wilson’s impressive unaccompanied solo of O come, O come Emmanuel and the choir leading a candlelit procession into the church. Further carols and Christmas music filled the air throughout the evening and were interspersed with readings and prayers from Poppy Arnott and representatives of various organisations. Congregational carols also formed part of the service and Eddie Davison provided a beautiful solo verse in O Little Town of Bethlehem. Thanks must be extended to Mr. Bowey for some amazing organ playing, Miss Coxwell and Mrs Hayles for their vocal input and, of course, Mr. Bennett and Mrs Arnott for masterminding such a special musical occasion.

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