For our fantastic day on Wednesday we enjoyed exploring all sorts of maths, from measure to money, weighing to shape from timing ourselves on an obstacle course to using our creative skills to build dens for woodland animals.We were also able to use our amazing grounds for all of it! Even the rain managed to pour during a 20 minute break before the sun returned so that we could all enjoy the activities outside.The day started with a wonderful assembly led by Miss Watts and some Year 8 children who told the story of the penguin who wanted to find a million, and did a pictogram on our favourite breakfasts!In the woods we found different length sticks, measured them and then paid for them before using them to build dens. In our outdoor mud kitchen we made cones filled with marshmallows, chocolate and fruit and some delicious monkey bread on an open fire. In our playground we created obstacle courses using different apparatus and then timed each other when completing it, and in our courtyard we enjoyed time with Bubblz, the Bubbly Maths lady who showed us all sorts of different ways to make 3D shapes.We learned so much and really enjoyed using all our mathematical skills to help us with our activities. We all realised how important maths is and that maths is all around us!Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work with the different activities and a special thank you to Mrs Ward for organising the day and pulling it all together!Flickr album: Maths Day 2021 | Height: auto | Theme: Default | Skin: Default Skin

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