Pre-Prep Boat Race | Cheam School

One of the things that we attach great importance to in the Pre-Prep is ensuring that each learning experience is just that – something that we learn from.Our boat race before half term was a lesson in floating, sinking, balance and design. Each age group approached it slightly differently: in Early Years a lot of research went into looking at what floated, what sank and what was waterproof. These experiments and investigations paid off as none of the boats sank on their journey down our stream!In Years 1 and 2 the children made their boats and then discussed afterwards how they would improve them for next time. Many interesting ideas came forth based on design (Too tall? Too wide? Sellotape doesn’t always make something waterproof? What materials worked? What didn’t?) and we will look forward to taking on board these thoughts in our boat race next year.How lucky we are to be able to enjoy events such as these in our beautiful grounds on our own stream, with teachers who know how to assess the risks and create a safe environment that reaps such rewards for the children’s learning! A great way to promote life skills such as independence, creativity and knowing how to learn from mistakes.Flickr album: PP Boats | Height: auto | Theme: Default | Skin: Default Skin

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