Private Peaceful | Cheam School

This term, we learned about the Peaceful brothers, Tommo and Charlie, in the Year 8’s production of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Private Peaceful’. This play highlights the British Army’s practice of executing it’s own soldiers and focuses on the relationship between the brothers and Private Tommo Peaceful’s last night on Earth as he tells his story of sibling rivalry, devotion and bravery. In preparation to handle such a sensitive script, the cast had immersive workshops and tutorials led by West End professionals. The cast have worked so hard and their dedication to the subject and respect for each other has been inspiring, they have managed to bring light and laughter to the whole process. Huge congratulations to Mrs Long for putting together this spectacular production. And it could not have happened without the make-up team, backstage crew, art department, DT department and Mrs Rowe, who has been present at rehearsals every week supporting the entire cast and crew with the whole process.

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