The Year 4 pupils had a wonderful History trip to Butser Iron Age Farm on Tuesday 12th October. The year group had a chance to see a Celtic village for real. The first part of the day was spent in a Roundhouse where the instructors explained how the Celts lived and how archaeologists helped the Butser team recreate the village. After this the children completed their own archaeological dig, helped build the latest Roundhouse, took part in some wattling, clunching and pottery making. A quick trip to the newly refurbished Roman Villa was the final part of the day. It gave the children a chance to compare and contrast and reflect on both the Roman and Celtic ways of Life. Interestingly most children said they would prefer to live in a Celtic Roundhouse, rather than the Roman villa….not all the staff agreed! It was a great day and a lovely opportunity to go back in time. No doubt plenty was learnt by all and it gave the Year 4 a better understanding of the Celts. Thank you to Mrs Rowe for organising and Miss McSweeney, Mr Milbank, Lysander and Sophie for joining us on our day out.

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