Trip to Westminster | Cheam School
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As part of their post-scholarship programme 8AB paid a visit to London and squeezed plenty into their day. After catching the train, they walked over Westminster Bridge, taking a moment to enjoy the view of the Palace of Westminster over the river.

After a quick stop to admire the statue of Emiline Pankhurst, they then delved into the Palace itself during a fascinating tour that saw them take in both the Chambers of the Lords and the Commons whilst navigating down the various lobbies that make up our democratic structure.

Following the tour 8AB were able to take part in a fantastic workshop in which they learnt about how a Bill becomes an Act through the process of taking on the roles of MPs. The Speaker (CF) tried his best to keep the government and opposition in line, but 8AB had clearly been taking their cues from Prime Minister’s Question Time or the decent election debates.

After a quick walk over Lambeth Bridge, the pupils found themselves at the Imperial War museum for their second educational experience of the day. Here they took part in a documentary challenge in which they were required to pick an artefact from WW1 and create a 2 minute film about its importance and relevance. Given the 1000s of objects on show, it was a tricky choice to make. Following this activity, there was a chance to take in some of the other exhibitions on show before heading back to Waterloo to catch the train and have a well-deserved rest on the journey home.

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