On a Monday morning the whole of Year 8 set off for Cadbury World, just outside Birmingham.Through the morning we learnt about the different processes involved in turning the cocoa beans into chocolate after they arrive from Ghana. There was also some interesting information about the history and early growth of the company and many of the students were particularly engaged by the early work of one of the Cadbury brothers who built Bourneville complete with schools, churches, hospitals and gardens for the benefit of all his employees.The day was regularly punctuated by the generous guides giving out yet more chocolate which was a treat for everybody!In the afternoon we had a fascinating talk that tied in to the geography the children have been studying with the different phases and sectors of industry that made up Cadbury’s supply line, the sustainability of their product and the reasons behind the location of their factories being covered in detail. They also heard about Mondelez International, the TNC which is the parent company of Cadbury UK.All in all, a great day out which the children thoroughly enjoyed!Flickr album: Cadbury 2019 | Height: auto | Theme: Default 

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