Young Artist Competition - Winner! | Cheam School

Poppy H won her age category in the nationwide ‘Young Artist Competition’ at the end of her time in Year 4.We were very proud of all our entries but this fantastic win for Poppy meant that her current class, 5KS, were able to attend a ‘Sensing and Inventing’ workshop held at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The day began with a long drive in two minibuses into the centre of London followed by a walk through Hyde Park; the pupils all remained in good spirits and the weather was thankfully pleasant after days of rain! Upon arrival we were all shown into an incredible design room where the nature of the project was broken down.5KS were led to the ‘Silverware’ display halls where they were tasked with finding items that affected each of the commonly recognised senses. Spoons, forks and soup bowls were generally chosen for taste but there was a much grander variety for the others. Upon completion of this short task the pupils were led back to the design room where the real fun began; using a large variety of materials each pupil had to create their own machine to, in some manner, alter a food item that they found unpleasant into something more appealing. The photos show some of the crazy devices the class presented to us. We had machines that changed the smell, goggles that altered the view and inventions that altered textures – 5KS were in their element and every pupil created something unique.Lunch was eaten outside in the gardens and, apart from being hassled by bold, London pigeons, it was a lovely time to chat about the morning.After lunch we had time remaining in London and we visited other halls, heading first to the Theatre Design Exhibition where Mr Haines was very excited to see Ed Sheeran’s Ketchup bottle. There were some incredible interactive displays and, I dare say, there are now a few future Theatre Production Engineers and Directors in the class. Having spent a good deal of time here a small group of us headed to see the Jewellery Exhibition before catching up with the remainder looking at the beautiful Stained Glass Exhibition.Finally it was time to head back to school and both buses were filled with positive, inspired pupils.Flickr album: V&A 2019 | Height: auto | Theme: Default 

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