Zara | Cheam School

I am going to my senior school with a half Music Scholarship and a full Academic Scholarship.

For my music scholarship, my first study was my oboe, my second study was my voice and my third study was my piano. All of the music department were incredibly supportive and it was so helpful that I could practice with my fellow music scholars, one of whom also played the oboe and the piano.

For my academic scholarship, Cheam was amazing in giving me the help that I needed in order to flourish. They spotted that I needed extra time to compensate for my slow visual processing and gave me  Learning Development lessons to help with my spelling. All of my subject teachers were so supportive and everyone in my class had a lot of one on one time with the teacher as most of us were going for scholarships at different schools with different exams.

All in all, Cheam was incredibly supportive in every aspect of my two scholarships and I really feel that they have given me the tools that I needed to achieve both in my music and academic scholarship.

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