The latest Cheam ISI inspection report is something I am hugely proud of. As you will see from the main document, the inspection team did not leave any stone unturned and worked tirelessly to find out exactly what makes Cheam ‘tick’ – and I feel very confident they have done just that.

What fills me with much satisfaction is that every department in our school is recognised, because, after all, it is very much a team effort here at Cheam.

However, when all the forms are filled in, when all the interviews have taken place, and all compliance documentation forensically looked at, it is very much clear that it is our pupils who shine through, and I am so proud of every one of them.

Headmaster, William Phelps

Read the 2023 ISI inspection report.

Cheam EQI Report 2023

Key findings from the report

It’s delightful to see Cheam recognised once again for its outstanding achievements:

  • “The quality of the pupils academic and other achievements is excellent.”
  • “Pupils achieve outstanding success overall across the academic and wider curriculum.”
  • “Pupils throughout the school display extremely positive attitudes towards their learning.”
  • “Pupils show highly developed knowledge and strong understanding and skills across their studies.”
  • “Pupils are excellent communicators.”
  • “The quality of the pupils personal development is excellent.”
  • “Pupils show high levels of self-understanding and self confidence for their age.”
  • “Pupils behave notably well and show respect and kindness towards others.”
  • “Pupils have a strong understanding of how their decisions affect their development.”
  • “Pupils are extremely socially aware and collaborate highly effectively across all areas of school life.”