Charity | Omnia Caritate | In all things be charitable

As part of our school ethos of ‘Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind’ it is important that the children develop an understanding of giving to others and supporting the local community. Every year we choose a local Pre-Prep charity that has a commitment to a particular group of children; we develop a close relationship with that charity and invite their representatives to our events, as well as organising opportunities to raise money in inventive ways.

Our annual sponsored run has become a very competitive event. The children know who was the top lap scorer from the year before and are always determined to beat their score! Using the trail through our woods, every child from Nursery to Year 2 participates and runs or walks (or both). In 2023 we raised over £3,000 at this event alone for our chosen charity, Swings and Smiles, which supports play spaces for children and their carers.

Fundraising activities vary from designing our own tea towel, to taking collections after concerts, to holding House cake sale competitions. The children are encouraged to take an active part in all the fundraising and get involved in baking cakes, holding the collection basket, finding sponsors and listening to the charity presentations to ensure that they are always aware of the importance of giving to others.