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Our mission is to develop visual perception, where pupils are taught the creative, imaginative and practical skills to express, record and make images or artefacts. They are shown how to use materials, tools and techniques for practical work in accordance with health and safety requirements. (The seven artistic disciplines at Cheam are drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, textiles and ICT.)

Pupils have opportunities to experience and compare different approaches to art, craft and design when working individually, as a group and as a class. This includes the locality, the past and present and a variety of cultures, Western and non-Western. This learning contributes to an art, craft and design vocabulary and the ability to support views on their own artwork and that of other class members, also that of other professional artists.

Art is highly valued at Cheam and we believe that the development of creativity as well as visual awareness is an essential part of growing up. We cover a broad range of disciplines and all the pupils enjoy a double lesson of Art each week.

The Art studio has a ceramic kiln as well as a printing press. Recent projects have included glass tile mosaics, tie-dyed T-shirts, mask designing, silk painting and wire sculpture. Pupils enjoy trips to galleries both local and further afield.

There are many opportunities to participate in Art competitions and external Art exhibitions.

The Art Room is often open for extra-curricular activities and there is an Art enrichment programme for our talented Art Scholarship candidates.

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Design and Technology

At Cheam, we firmly believe that Design and Technology is critical to the UK’s future success and we have made significant investments to create an outstanding facility with state of the art resources. The department boasts an outstanding multi-material workshop as well as its own IT centre equipped with superb computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) facilities.

Pupils from Years 3 to 8 study Design, Technology and Engineering for two lessons a week and follow a structured scheme of work. In Years 6 and 7, pupils are assessed for their ability and potential in the subject and are invited to join an Enrichment Group with the potential to aim for a scholarship for their senior school.

We understand that Design, Technology & Engineering is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject where pupils use imagination and creativity to solve real and relevant problems. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw upon disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering and computing.

In Design, Technology and Engineering, pupils learn how to take risks. They are given opportunities to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.  They develop essential skills such as resilience, teamwork and independence, skills that are highly valued in both their next phases of education and for future employment.


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