Curiosity | Cheam School

‘What is the point of wasps?’ and ‘can you cycle on the moon?’ are big questions. We like big questions. The world is a curious place and we are here to help children to understand it, themselves and others as best they can.

We see every child as an individual and focus on their strengths and interests. Equally, we value their quirks and their unique ways of seeing our world – and their world. There is a wonderful rapport between staff and children and this is created by the time, love and focus given to each child who skips or races into school each morning. Cheam is without doubt a second home for them, a place they can kick off muddy boots and are at ease. Relaxed, happy children learn well.

At Cheam we are committed to preserving childhood, to making Pre-Prep life a time of wonder, of excitement and of exploration. We have excellent staff ratios and our highly experienced teachers are positive and nurturing. They are there to guide, to champion, to scaffold, to celebrate and to ensure learning is engaging and stimulating.

Our curriculum is fresh and evolving, this leads both children and teachers to be probing and curious. We bring learning to life through the very best resources, experiences and workshops, coupled with a hands on, child-focused approach.

The high academic standards that we reach at the top of the school start with an emphasis on the basics in the Pre-Prep. Here the children learn to love reading through our large library of books, writing through our topic and text-based literacy lessons, and maths through our practical maths programme that ensures children learn to understand and apply their mathematical skills in real life situations. We aim to stimulate the children through investigative science lessons and we foster inquisitive and reflective thinking that draws on their natural curiosity in the world around them.

“Pupils progress well because teachers strive to make the lessons interesting and check pupils’ own assessment of their understanding. Those who are less confident are supported effectively.”

ISI Inspection 2023