Pupils' positive self-esteem, high levels of self-confidence and resilience are well promoted by staff who are supportive and caring whilst encouraging them to face challenges and strive to improve, which helps them to be well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Our dedicated team of teachers and highly effective pastoral systems ensure that all pupils are included, valued and supported. Tutors, mentors, school counsellors, boarding and support staff all work together to provide consistent and timely guidance. Many different layers of support are available to the children as well as access to our well-being facility The Nest and specialist via our Learning Development Centre.

We see the impact of our strong pastoral care on learning and wellbeing outcomes. When children are happy and supported, they learn well and thrive.

Day to Day

Every meeting across all departments opens with the same question ‘Are there any pastoral / safeguarding concerns.’  This is indicative of our child centred culture.

Pupils have daily meetings with tutors, form time and PSHCEE lessons with syllabus tailor-made to meet the needs of the children. Daily staff briefings are an opportunity for the staff teams to share concerns about children and to ‘get ahead’ of any issues before they escalate.


We promote a positive and happy school atmosphere. We celebrate children’s wins big and small as often as we can; be it a spelling test, an act of kindness, teamwork on the sports pitches or playing an instrument in front of the whole school.  The Division system promotes teamwork and encourages friendships from different areas of the school.

Mentoring System | Year 8

For our older pupils in Year 8 we run a mentoring system, children choose which member of staff they would like as their mentor. They then meet on a weekly basis for an informal catch-up; a dog walk, a cup of tea or even a chat whilst knocking a football about. This is a chance for pupils to seek advice on revision, their busy lives, support with their work, friendships or to discussing tricky or confusing situations. While these young teens start on the road to independence their mentor relationship gives the foundations from which to flourish.

Communication is key

Our Pastoral Team act as the first port of call for any questions from home, and are there to advise and support the child and the family. We know that good communication between parents and staff is just as important as those between pupils and staff. Our doors are open and we are here to support parents throughout their Cheam years.

Pupils’ part in pastoral care

We are always keen that our pupils learn how to support others. There are various roles children can aspire to, Pre-Prep Guardians from Year 7 and 8, Nest Ambassadors and Division Leaders.

In need of TLC?

Sometimes children just need that extra bit of TLC from another trusted adult. Our wonderful teams of matrons and nurses are two much loved groups. From helping with medical matters, giving out breaktime snacks to hunting for that lost rugby sock these teams provide an extra special aspect of care.

Boarding and pastoral care

Our boarding system is another area where pastoral care is exceptional. Boarders live in an environment that is happy with a good family spirit and a strong sense of community. As well as being fun, it is a caring, safe and positive environment. It is a home-from-home – a place where each child is known and cared for as an individual.

The boarding house plays a key role in developing the school’s strong sense of family values, encouraging boys and girls to live harmoniously and work together, build friendships and develop their independence before going onto their senior schools.