Boarders' Party | Cheam School

Christmas has officially begun!On Wednesday the boarders went wild at a raucous Christmas party that kicked off the final week of school and the start of the festive antics in style!After a delicious supper everyone, decked out in a mirage of fabulous Christmas jumpers, headed to the chapel where a variety of Christmas themed games were played that were enjoyed by all of the years, particularly the record haul of Year 4 boys. Old time favourite eating the bar of chocolate with a knife and fork was a highlight and Mr Pike’s new game of dropping the candy cane onto a string of tinsel was a great success for all of the groups who managed not to smash or eat their candy canes mid-game!Then DJ Mrs Rowe, who was a revelation on the decks, came up with an endless barrage of Christmas crackers and dance anthems which drove the atmosphere even further past fever pitch with everybody getting stuck in on the dance floor in the chapel. The Gaps were then on stage leading the dancing, one by one, and were suitably stitched up with music that even the choir would have struggled to have found a beat in, much to everyone’s amusement.Thanks to Mr Pike for organising such a fantastic evening enjoyed by all!Flickr album: Boarders Party 2019 | Height: auto | Theme: Default

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