Christmas Dinner & Gapper Catwalk | Cheam School
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On Tuesday evening, sixty excited boarders from Years 4, 5 and 6 tucked into a superb roast beef supper in the large Dining Room. With Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, delicious roasties (and not a sprout in sight), they were delighted. And even more so when presented with Santa cookies for dessert.

Then they headed to the Sports Hall and split into six teams, each headed up by a Gapper. An evening of fun party games included of course the chocolate game, a longest paper chain competition, a festive dodgeball, and the traditional Gapper catwalk. This year the children did a splendid job of dressing the Gappers up ready for their next venture into Newbury, as the pictures show! The Air Georgians and Elodie’s Elves both seemed to think they’d won, although Amélie’s Angels and Tom’s Turkeys pushed them hard. The whole evening was huge fun and so full of Christmas cheer that it really took hardly any time for the children all to drop off to sleep at bedtime!

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