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Year 5 children finished their mini medieval engineering project and after lots of testing and evaluating had a catapulting competition, which was great fun, especially when the Lego figures went flying!

Year 6 completed their mechanical grabbers and then competed in a very tense challenge. They had to see how quickly they could move a selection of objects from one side of a set game board to the other. Both speed and precision was everything here! Each part they had to pick up was challenging in different ways. The pupils discovered that the basic grabber does not do a great job, therefore they had to evaluate each part and use the materials available to adapt and improve the grab in order to complete the challenge board in the fastest time possible.

Meanwhile, Year 8’s have been finishing off their storage projects. They used a range of materials and inspiration to solve a problem and create practical items. From casting pewter, using resin and repurposing old bike parts, their projects were cleverly and resourcefully done. Well done!

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