Division Music 2020The Division Music competition was inevitably going to be rather different this year but it would have been difficult to predict that it would result in such a fantastic occasion. The three ‘bubbles’ – Junior, Intermediate and Senior – competed consecutively throughout the morning, showcasing an amazing array of talent. In addition to four gifted soloists selected from performances in class, thirty-six ensembles of all shapes, sizes and styles performed to entertain fellow pupils and staff from their bubble. From string orchestras to guitar trios, piano duets to pop bands and wind ensembles to brass fanfares, there was a smorgasbord of music on offer.Although the competitive spirit was evident, a tangible atmosphere of support encouraged the performers to play to their highest standard. Mr Bennett had designed a huge spreadsheet to keep tally of the points as totals increased throughout the course of the competition and the excitement and suspense was palpable. Having finished top of the Junior Bubble, Gilpin then finished fourth following the Intermediate section where Aldrich reigned supreme. Beck then enjoyed a moment of glory, winning the Senior part of the competition and Tabor remained a constant third throughout! However, it was Aldrich who claimed the overall victory at the conclusion of the event, ending Gilpin’s winning streak for the last two years of the competition.Thanks must be extended to Mr David Woodcock, Director of Music at Harrow School, who was in the unenviable position of adjudicating the Intermediate and Senior competitions and to the music staff for their help both at the event and for their dedication in preparing pupils for their performances. Of course, Division Music would not have happened without Mr. Bennett who not only oversaw the Junior Bubble but also masterminded the entire event and worked tirelessly to ensure a safe and fun competition was enjoyed by all. Thank you!Flickr album: Division Music 2020 | Height: auto | Theme: Default

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