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Gilpin Prevail!On 18 October, everyone was ready to put their hard work and preparation for the Division Music competition into practice; the excitement was palpable!  A main event in the school calendar, so many people had been involved in setting the stage for what promised to be another thrilling contest.As the parents settled expectantly into their seats, the first ensemble prepared to launch the event.  All groups played stylishly and with a great sense of ‘ensemble’, helped by visiting instrumental teachers and led energetically by Mr. Bennett.  The lunchtime rehearsals and practising of individual parts resulted in some highly enjoyable and polished performances which then set the stage for the greatly anticipated Pop Bands.  Performing confidently with slick choreography and eye-catching costumes, the groups received rapturous applause. Moving on to the solo section, Harriet AE, Oscar O and Alex R all demonstrated their individual skills, playing diversely contrasting pieces and performing with great maturity and poise.  However, it was India B who won the prize for this category with an extremely emotional and moving rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.As difficult as this was to follow, the Divisions then gathered for their last opportunity to impress the judge and presented their Disney-themed songs to those assembled.  Once again, themed costumes and props, fun choreography and enthusiastic singing brought the event to an entertaining and spirited end.The visiting judge, Chris Rupp, evaluated fairly throughout with both words of praise and constructive comments in an encouraging manner.  This added to the fun and positive atmosphere created by the competition throughout the morning and eventually resulted in a second consecutive win for Gilpin!Huge thanks must go to all staff and parents for their support, musicians, peripatetic teachers and the maintenance team and audio engineers, without whom the event would not have come to life – but also to Mr. Bennett for masterminding the entire occasion.  Who might win next year…?!Flickr album: Division Music 2019 | Height: auto | Theme: Default 

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