After a great Mission Possible Day, the Year 4 team then headed off to Mill on the Brue for a two night activity trip. The year group were treated to zip wires, assault courses, raft building, spider’s webs, water slides, climbing towers and obstacle courses. The whole experience was fantastic and the children conquered a few fears and lapped up the activities. Every child had their ‘own Everest’ and all took on their personal challenges with great determination and steely grit! The highlight of the trip was seeing the amazing encouragement given by friends. Simple smiles before the event, huge cheers as friends climbed the tower, helpful instructions and lots of kind comments were made throughout our stay and it was something the Mill on the Brue staff commented on as we left. Thank you to the Cheam staff (Miss Watts, Miss McSweeney and Mr Rist) for keeping everyone safe, encouraging the children and keeping the team in high spirits. More challenges next week, but they will be in the classroom!!

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