Engineering excellence from Angus | Cheam School

Angus from Year 7 has three impressive DT projects underway, one of which he is in the process of patenting. The two he can share include an impressive lightbox concept to enable people to draw accurate 3D pictures by use of isometric paper being placed in a LED lit A4 box. The entire project was designed on 2D Design and Tinker-cad software and involved digital printing, wood cutting and wire work. The second project, a golf club with an adjustable head, is another great example of his creative thinking and problem solving. Angus has made a prototype of the club which can have the head adjusted to be a 5,6,7 and 8 iron, so enabling golfers to only take 3 clubs on the course; a club, putter and driver. Angus is a fantastic example of a truly talented and creative engineer. We are thrilled to watch him develop his skills and concepts. Angus explained how his best ideas come to him, “I design things to help make life easier.” Superb work Angus!

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