We are thrilled to share the news that we are a Finalist in the MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY-LED TEACHING Award Category with the Muddy Stiletto School Awards 2023. Huge congratulations to Mr Hynes and the team.At Cheam our aim is to grasp the digital opportunities whilst at the same time equipping children to cope with the challenges online. This presents a chance for pupils to learn how to use cutting edge tools safely and effectively to further their education and to express themselves digitally in their work. Taking ownership of technology in their learning and in their immediate and wider community, brings opportunities to improve self-confidence, development leadership and for collaborative, creative teamwork.ISI Inspection Report 2023 | ICT• Pupils show high levels of competence in information and communication technology (ICT). They use a variety of digital resources confidently to enhance their learning.• They progress well in using digital technology because of specialist teaching from an early age and technology being well embedded in the curriculum.• Older pupils’ confidence and competence is further strengthened through having responsibility for audio-visual and digital presentations in assemblies, chapels and a corridor information screen.• Pupils have a well-developed awareness of how to stay safe and of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. They have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe online.• Pupils contribute well to their own school community and to wider society. Pupils take on positions of responsibility enthusiastically and are eager to help others.We are looking forward to the results on 7th June.

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