Halloween, Fireworks and Cheam’s Horror Trail! | Cheam School

Over 160 Cheam Boarders were treated to a superb Halloween & Fireworks party on Friday 1st November. The children enjoyed a splendid meal before heading outside for the main entertainment which included fireworks, the bonfire and the horror trail.After the fireworks ended, the children made their way to the edge of the woods where they were greeted by the mysterious gatekeeper. In small groups they made their way through the torch-lit trail, hoping to make it to the end alive.Along the way they encountered demonic clowns, a few zombies and a half pig. There were creatures in the trees and in the bushes. Children were being dragged into the undergrowth. A constant flow of screams streamed from the woods but fortunately everyone made it out safely.It was an amazing evening and all the children had a great time!          

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