Inspire Day for the Year 8 Scholars | Cheam School

It was my pleasure on Tuesday to organise a special Inspire Day for the Year 8 Scholarship class to visit Oxford. I talked to the class about the importance of ‘working hard and playing hard’ over the next 5 years at Public School to fulfil their own potential and create exciting and varied University possibilities. Having parked at the Dragon School, we walked through the City, exploring this historic centre of learning to tour Christ Church, my own former College. We visited the Cathedral and the beautiful dining room, familiar to many from the Harry Potter movies. Climbing the tower at the University Church gave us another perspective of the wonderful Colleges with their Quads, Libraries and Chapels. Lunch was a treat from the Covered Market and the children enjoyed buying their own food and drinks, just like students of the future! We met up with Megan Harley-Martin, a former Cheam pupil, now an Academic and Choral Scholar at St Peters. She helped to inspire the team with some helpful reflections on her time at Public School, making the most of opportunities and enjoying life at Oxford. She has achieved so much, and it was joyous being in her company. We walked back to the Cherwell Boathouse through the Old Bodleian Library and the University Parks before spending an idyllic afternoon, meandering gracefully at times, punting on the river! What a great day to celebrate the achievements of this group of Scholars, but also to hopefully inspire them to start dreaming about their future plans and aspirations – aim high!! Mr Bennett, Head of Music

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