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JFGS…(Junior Fun & Games)This term there has been fun, games and the odd silly salmon when it comes to JFG’s. Tuesdays and Fridays have been the busiest evenings, although we’ve had a lovely group on Mondays too, where students have enjoyed activities such as international crash mat relay, Gaelic football, rounders and games where nobody, not even Mr O’Brien, fully understood the rules. As for the other evenings, these have been a bit more relaxed but no less competitive, with the juniors engaging in a variety of team and individual sports and games, as well turning their hand to some other creative activities. With the term drawing to a close, and both staff and students looking forward to a well-earned rest, everyone here at Cheam is excited about the weird and wonderful JFG’s that will be taking place next term!JFGs (Junior Fun & Games for Year 5 and 6 boarders which take place in the evenings at Cheam)Flickr album: Junior fun – 2020 | Height: auto | Theme: Default

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