LAMDA Showcase | Cheam School

On Tuesday, 15 students trod the boards to showcase their monologue and duologue performances. They have been tirelessly rehearsing their pieces with the expert guidance of Chris and Sarah in preparation for their upcoming LAMDA examinations.

Parents delighted in observing the incredible talent and hard work of our young actors. This showcase was a culmination of weeks of rehearsals, where students have poured their hearts and souls into perfecting their performances. LAMDA examinations aim to nurture self-expression, confidence, and teamwork among our students. Through acting exercises, improvisation games, and script analysis, they have honed their skills in character development and stage presence and every line was delivered with passion and conviction.

They have learned how to embody different characters, explore various emotions authentically, and deliver powerful performances on stage. This showcase not only celebrated the achievements of our students but also provided an opportunity for parents to witness the transformative power of drama education. The students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to perform, and we look forward to seeing them progress as the year continues. Well done!

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