Maths Morning | Cheam School

The Year 3 and 4s celebrated Numeracy day by spending the morning off timetable taking part in all kinds of maths activities and problem solving. The first activity involved releasing a key from a box by working as a team to solve maths problems. This gave them a code to the padlocks and there were 10 padlocks to code break altogether. The children had huge fun doing this and the winning time was 37 minutes, which was the fastest time The Problem Solving Company could remember any group getting! They then went to take part in some royal baking which involved working together in groups and using their skills of measuring, problem solving and arithmetic. The last activity was outside in the sunshine, completing a treasure hunt across the grounds. On each point of the map, there was a coronation problem for the groups to solve before they could move onto their next clue. Overall HUGE fun was had by all, and the children were all beaming with maths by the end of the day!

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