Musical Showcase for all | Cheam School

The Sports Hall echoed with a vast array of musical sounds on Friday in the hotly contested Division Music Competition. The event got off to a lively start with the Pop Band category. In addition to their instrumental and vocal skills, the creativity of Cheam pupils was also evident in their choice of costumes and choreography! From pilot caps to boys in sparkly skirts, Cheam’s sense of fun was on display as well and the children’s energy and enthusiasm in delivering their songs was a joy to see. Aldrich got off to a rocking start and won this section. The Solo section followed and each individual showcased their special talents before a highly supportive and appreciative audience. After listening to some hauntingly beautiful oboe music, a lively cello, beautiful singing and a spirited clarinet performance, Mr. Tao decided that Adelaide representing Beck, with her exceptional communication and musicality, was the winner on this occasion. Next on the packed programme was the Division Ensemble category. All Divisions performed extremely well with great attention to detail and stylistic nuances in their pieces. There was also evidence of leadership, teamwork and a passion to create something magical together. However, after a difficult decision, it was Beck who once again reigned victorious. The Song category brought the event to a rousing finish with four energetically performed Queen songs, complete with ‘Division twists’ to lend a special flavour to each song. From additional instrumentalists and choreography to solo singing and vivid costumes, each Division showed its competitive spirit and enthusiasm for the event. Aldrich were victorious in this section which meant that after a nail-biting wait for results, the overall prize this year was also awarded to Aldrich for a third consecutive year! Stay tuned to see which Division might take away the trophy next year…!

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