PALS | Animation | Cheam School

On Saturday we welcomed the local PALS group to school for their termly visit.A group of our Y6 children had met the previous day to plan the morning’s activity, and were ready and waiting at the gate to greet the PALS children when they arrived. It didn’t take long for the ice to be broken as for the next couple of hours the children were all engrossed in the production of short animations, using Adobe Character Animator. Working together in pairs and small groups, the Cheam children introducing their new PALS friends to the software and within no time they were churning out excellent short animations, with great storylines. It was fantastic to see the PALS children discovering the facility of putting their own voice into a different character’s body, and bringing it to life with their head movements and facial gestures. PALS staff were amazed by how much talking the children did, how easy it was for them to use the software and how quickly they picked it up. Time flew by too quickly and before long it was time to share a snack, before we all gathered to watch the results of each group’s endeavours. Massive thanks and congratulations to all of the children involved for participating so well in such a mutually beneficial morning. PALS have gratefully accepted an invite to hold their annual family fun swim session in the Cheam pool during the Summer holiday, and will return to us in November for the first of next year’s PALS mornings.

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