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On Thursday evening pupils in the Senior School delivered an extraordinary showcase of original poems on the theme of ‘refuge’. Poetry is about expressing real emotions, so it was important that the children first explored and understood the term ‘refuge’ and what it means to be a refugee, researching real stories about real people. It was the only way they could write with meaning.

Amid political floundering, it is easy for the voices and stories of those affected to be lost in all the noise. But by tuning into the hearts and minds of displaced families from around the world, the children were able to tell the stories of those without a voice.

Some pupils interpreted the theme differently, writing instead about their own personal place of refuge, which provided an interesting contrast. Regardless of the interpretation, the children’s creative responses were incredibly powerful and poignant, which made for a hard-hitting but moving evening of poetry. Thank you to all our performers, and to the parents who supported this event.

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