This week we were pleased to welcome families and local nursery staff to our new event, ‘Ready for Reception?’. Jenifer Hillman, Head of Pre-Prep, Louisa Griffiths, Head of Early Years, and Lynsey Bagshaw, Head of Nursery, spoke on preparing children for the transition from home or nursery to Reception.

Expert advice was delivered by, Lucinda Miller, who gave an insightful talk on nutrition, boosting the immune system and ultra processed food. She offered simple diet and lifestyle hacks to improve children’s health, sleep, mood and even intellect!

Starting Reception can be a daunting time for parents and children, so the team at Cheam offered fantastic advice on how to prepare, what myths and expectations to dispel and the skills that will be useful to aid settling in. Simple things such as ‘recognising your name’ ‘being able to put shoes on the right feet’, ‘being familiar with cutlery’ and ‘sharing with other children’ all featured. They also explained the transition from Nursery to Reception, areas of the Early Years curriculum and how these are developed with a focus on independent learning and growth, scaffolded by experienced and nurturing staff.

The talks ended with a Q&A session which was a great way to wrap up the event with open discussion. Our thanks to everyone who joined us for the morning and to all our speakers for sharing their wisdom and knowledge. Reception really does sound like a huge amount of fun!

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