The ‘long’ and ‘D’ ponds are key features of Cheam’s ornamental gardens, have historic significance and offer an inviting vista from our loggia. Their age, however, has meant leaks have become increasingly problematic. In the absence of a rainwater collection system, lost water has had to be replaced via costly mains supply whose treated nature is sub-optimal for plant growth and fish stocks.As part of our continuing strategy to become a more sustainable school, our Grounds team partnered with a local water resources contractor to solve this challenge. After carefully re-housing our fish in temporary accommodation, both ponds were drained, cleaned and re-lined with specialist membranes before over 320,000 litres of de-chlorinated water was reintroduced, together with a new range of plants and a more efficient recirculation pump. Water losses have been stemmed, our consumption (and costs) reduced, and the ponds are once again thriving eco-systems. And the fish love their refurbished home!Head Groundsman, Mark Little, said: “This was a significant undertaking given our normal workload and we faced several challenges, but the team from Hatts were outstanding. We’ve solved a problem and are reducing water consumption. That’s good news for Cheam and for the planet.”

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