On 3 February, the chapel was bursting at the seams with guitars and stringed instruments of all shapes and sizes. The concert opened with all string players participating in a canon which showcased the different sections of the orchestra perfectly. We were then treated to some impressive guitar solos, followed by small groups of violinists and cellists who ably demonstrated their skills, some after just three lessons!The concert also provided an opportunity for pupils taking forthcoming exams to perform their pieces in a public arena and all rose to the occasion admirably. A poised and musical performance from the String Quartet preceded the final item on the programme when all players performed as a massed ensemble in a piece especially arranged by Mr. Lindsey-Clark. This was a feast for the ears and eyes and a fitting end to a wonderful evening of music-making.Many thanks to Mrs Kane for coordinating the event and to the dedicated members of the string department for coaching and encouraging their students to produce a concert of such high quality.Flickr album: Strings 2020 | Height: auto | Theme: Default

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