Team Cheam at the Schools National Championships - Prizes galore and a National Title | Cheam School

Team Cheam surpassed all expectations at the NSEA National Championships held at Keyso International in Bedfordshire on 22nd to 24th November. Keyso is a very special place and the closest the children will get to a HOYS experience, it was a proper championship venue with flags, flowers, drapes, banners, huge viewing galleries and beautifully dressed arenas.The standard was set when we arrived in the lorry park and the box in front of us was emblazoned with the name of the rider and team GB. This was to be a championship of specialists in their discipline be that show jumping or dressage. Our fabulous team of riders on their all rounders would have their work cut out to bring home the prizes but my goodness how they delivered the dream. Will was in so many classes that we stabled on site for two nights and the others joined us for the Saturday. The atmosphere in the stables was wonderful with all the children from schools between Cornwall and the north of Scotland all making friends and supporting each other.The Dressage Championships had Will and Toby competing as individuals in two classes. Both rode fabulous tests in big, hotly contested classes in the gorgeous arena and dazzled the judges.Will and his 25 year old pony Foxy danced their way to a win in the Prelim test his arena. They then went on to be 3rd overall after the top two from each arena rode off for the sash. The ride off was Will and Foxy’s third dressage test of the day all ridden from memory.Toby rode a fabulous test and was 8th in the Novice classThe Combined Training Championships (Dressage and Show Jumping combined)Will was the only qualifier for Cheam in this class. He produced another super dressage to take the lead so we waited with bated breath as he went round the show jumping praying he added no time or jumping penalties. As the score was announced as nothing to add we knew he had won. A national title for Will and Cheam – the icing on the cake. Standing on the top of the podium was vey special and a moment of immense pride.The Show Jumping Championships had teams at 75/80cm and 85/90 cmThe 75 cm team of Flora B, Flora L, Isla F and Will sadly didn’t make the final 8 but jumped really well. Only the top 8 from over 50 teams make it into the final jump off and although Isla and Flora B rode at blistering speed the overall team score was not one that made it into the final 8.The 85cm team of Flora B, Toby B, Isla F and Will put the pedal to the metal and made the final 8 out of 51 teams. So, with great excitement they lined up for the jump off at close to 7pm. They all rode brilliantly and ended up with a team 7th which was a fabulous achievement in such a huge class dominated by senior schools.In the 85cm Toby had qualified as an individual and rode some amazing tight turns to take 6th individually. A brilliant result.In the 80cm speed class on the Friday Will was 24th out of about 120.Finally, in a testament to how they are taught at Cheam, Will won the stewards prize for the politest, most sporting and friendliest child of the day.Once again Cheam proved they can take on the best and beat them! You would have been very proud to see a team spanning four class years all cheering each other on and helping and supporting each other. Cheam riding is very special and the children consistently punch above their weight. They had six championship tickets and won prizes in five of them which is a huge achievement at the Nationals.

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