On Thursday 21st of November the Watermill Theatre Company came to Cheam to perform a mini production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream in our chapel.This performance was very inspiring because the cast consisted of only three actors playing the roles of 12 characters. This play appealed to not only those who were involved with this year’s drama production, but to all those in Years 6-8.This famous Shakespeare play is a great comedy about a love quadrangle and a play within a play where everything goes wrong. It was about an entanglement of the fairy realm and the mortal world and shows the chaos that can ensue if the ever mix.We loved how they used everyday objects to represent characters within the play. For example, one of the characters, Demetrius, was often portrayed by a coat stand. One of our favourite parts was when they mixed the traditional Shakespeare play and the modern world together by singing contemporary songs to interact with the audience more. Another way they involved us was by picking “volunteers” from the front row to come and play certain minor parts.The lighting and sound were very effective and really emphasised the scene changes. Each set had its own colour scheme. There was also a keyboard on the stage, so all the music played was live and performed by the actors. They used musical instruments, such as a drum and a triangle to create the different atmospheres.All the costumes were minimalist but defined the characters the actors were playing. It was impressive how they changed from character to character in a very short period. They added comedic accents to make sure they got across their part.On the whole, this performance was humorous yet strikingly complicated but the actors were INCREDIBLE! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and it made what could be a confusing play, very entertaining.By Eliza Miller, Tabitha Miles and Charlotte Trew (and 8S)

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