“Our trip actually started with a giant sleepover where we watched gladiator and ate Lasagna to get us in the Italian mood.We set off at the break of dawn (actually before!) to get to Heathrow and had a restful flight. I think everybody fell asleep! We left the Italian airport and drove straight to a gladiator school where we had lunch. Then we suited up in our Roman tunics. We were given wooden swords and trained like proper soldiers. We all rather enjoyed it until we were also given a shield, then it went to the next level. We fought like actual gladiators. Some of us got very competitive and even Mr Long had a go!Afterwards, we went to the hotel and unpacked. We had a quick pizza snack and then we walked through the Vatican City for 40 minutes to a cookery school. We made a tiramisu which was very delicious. We also made pasta and we kneaded the dough of pasta for ages until it was ready to be boiled. The next day we walked for 18 km through the city of Rome. After boarding the hop on/hop off bus, we admired the views from Villa Borghese. We strolled towards the Spanish steps where we enjoyed an enormous ice cream to celebrate Will and Arthur’s birthdays. After making our wishes at Trevi fountain, we experienced the Roman Forum. It was really lucky that we had Mr Long with us as he was a brilliant tour guide!We all loved the Colloseum and spent some time wandering around, marvelling at the architecture. After the sightseeing, it was time for some shopping. We went to Piazza Navona and managed to buy some souvenirs. We went for a delicious supper, and then more ice cream at an amazing place with over 150 flavours.On the final day, we went to the Vatican museum and had a brilliant tour, learning about the history and artwork. We loved the Sistine chapel and spent some time marvelling at the ceiling. After this, we went to Trastevere and had a final pizza for lunch. Just as it started to rain, we headed to the airport for our journey home.Thank you to Mrs Wheeler for organising the trip and the parents and teachers for making it a trip to remember.”

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