Wild times for the boarders! | Cheam School

The final Wild Wednesday of the year took place this Wednesday, with the Year 4 cohort eagerly anticipating their evening of fun and games followed by a night together in the boarding house. The heat of the early evening saw the children and the Year 4 staff retiring to eat the barbecue supper under the shade of the Lime Walk. Food was demolished, litres of cool fresh water were drunk, and then we all joined together in singing Happy Birthday to Archie before tucking into a pile of decorated cupcakes. The children were then put into teams, each with an allocated member of staff, and set off on a treasure hunt around the school. The rules were simple: no running; a prize for everyone who completed the hunt within the allocated time and remained together as a team. And off they went to solve the clues … ‘Where you go in Sundays on Saturdays’ or ‘Cheam history, hats and boots, and there’s Prince Charles in a Sunday suit’ and how about ‘These colourful stairs are just for the Eights, but where’s the holey finger?’. All of the teams worked together brilliantly well and completed the treasure hunt at (very fast) walking pace, leaving no staff members lagging behind. By now the children were ready for a cooling dip in the pool, and it didn’t take them long to change and get into the water. The inflatables boats, rings, nets etc added to the fun and the children enjoyed splashing around with their friends in a fun pool session, choreographing some jumps in unison for Mr Chapman to post to Twitter. By 7.30 the children were all out of the pool and heading upstairs, water bottles and reading books in hand. After showers and the excitement of discovering their dorms and roommates for the night, they all settled for some quiet reading in bed before lights out at 8.15pm. After a hot, busy day and the fun of Wild Wednesday, it didn’t take too long for silence to fall in the dorms. Well done to Year 4 for a fantastic Wild Wednesday, and for many their first experience of boarding.

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