Wild Wednesday | Cheam School

Our Year 7s were thoroughly looking forward to their Wild Wednesday this week after it had been postponed due to a snow day earlier this year. Mr Shaughnessy’s highly competitive Kahoot general knowledge quiz kicked the evening off, with the staff team claiming victory. After a tasty and convivial supper of fajitas and brownies, the children all made their way down to the Cheam woods where they met a team from Laser2U who had set up laser tag games for them. The children were quickly split into two teams before the evening peace in the woods was shattered by shrieks of delight, cheers and shouts of encouragement. The two teams spent the next couple of hours running around, hiding behind trees or crouching down in the bluebells to score points. Shattered from their exertions, the children made their way back up to the boarding floors where within half an hour all were showered and settled calmly in bed reading. Unsurprisingly, everybody slept soundly! A fabulous evening all round for the Year 7 children and staff.

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