On Tuesday, 8 November, we were once again treated to some musical delights in the Chapel, this time from the woodwind department. Fourteen pupils shared some diverse pieces, showcasing the flute, clarinet, oboe and saxophone from this orchestral family – only recorders and bassoons were missing! The concert served as an invaluable solo performance opportunity and furnished pupils with the chance to play any forthcoming exam pieces in a public arena. All rose to the occasion admirably. Parents enjoyed some poised and musical performances from all levels of learning. A rousing clarinet piece played in a most spirited fashion by Silver was a fitting end to a wonderful evening of music-making in an intimate setting, an experience that is so important in the development of a young musician, in addition to ensemble playing on a larger scale. Many thanks to Miss Moore and Mrs Fitz-Desorgher for coordinating the event and to the dedicated members of the woodwind department for coaching and nurturing their students, so that they were able to produce a concert of such high quality. Thanks must also be extended to parents for their warm encouragement and above all, to the children for their continued dedication to their instrument. Keeeeeeeep practising!

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