Despite the challenges that this term had presented, the mighty Year 4’s excitement did not waver as they worked towards their Christmas production, Stargazers. The story followed ‘Balthazar’, ‘Melchior’ and ‘Caspar’ on their magical musical journey to follow the star that leads them to Bethlehem. With health and safety at the forefront of our minds, each class had their own casts, performing as individual classes opposed to a whole year group – triple the fun! In addition to learning their lines and stage directions, year 4 also needed to memorise nine songs for the play; this they handled with their usual enthusiasm and they sang heartily throughout the morning.Each performance was live-streamed to friends and family to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes and, as ever, the children’s enthusiasm towards this challenge came in abundance.Mr. Bentley expertly assisted them in bringing energy to the stage and huge thanks must be extended to those who helped behind the scenes, as well as to the Year 4 staff for their support and encouragement, not forgetting Miss McSweeney for her meticulous preparation and coaching.Cheam School couldn’t have been prouder watching the children perform their hearts out. A huge well done to Year 4!Flickr album: Y4 Christmas play 2020 | Height: auto | Theme: Default

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