Year 4 trip to Butser Iron Age Farm | Cheam School

On Thursday 10th October Year 4 went on their first Year group trip to Butser Ancient Farm.Year 4 have been studying the Celts in their History lessons and it was a lovely opportunity to live the life of a Celt for the day. The journey started in a Celtic Roundhouse. Whilst sitting around a fire on rugs made of deer or cow skin they were asked questions about the roundhouse which they eagerly and successfully answered. The children then split into two groups, the Atrebates and the Iceni tribes, and they participated in four different activities. These were: archaeological digging, making clay pots, clunching and making a wall out of daub and making mosaics in a Roman Villa. Clunching was certainly a favourite, with the children getting their hands nice and dirty! The trip was a huge success and a fantastic day out and much of this is down to the children behaving well and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Special thanks must go to Miss Gazard, Stu and Jen who helped out on the day.Flickr album: Butser 2019 | Height: auto | Theme: Default 

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