Year 5 | Bushcraft Adventure | Cheam School
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This week, Year 5 had a thrilling three-day bushcraft camping trip, where they explored the great outdoors and learned crucial survival skills, marking the start of what hopes to be a memorable school year!

The journey began with an exciting trek through the forest to the camp site. After settling in, the children were introduced to wood collecting and fire building! Enjoying their self-cooked burgers, they were well fed and happy, ready for the action ahead. A highlight of the day was the shelter-building challenge. In groups, they constructed shelters, showcasing fantastic teamwork. These shelters became fortresses and the groups came up with creative ways of guarding them from the other teams.  In the evening, they all sat around the camp fire and the Bushcraft Team led them in songs and dancing. At bed time, it was lovely to see the group band together and support each other, especially to those who were feeling a bit homesick.

Day 2 was another day packed with adventure. The day began with games in the woods, and a lesson in first aid. The children were then confronted with an ‘aeroplane crash’ scenario, testing their survival skills and teamwork to help save their teachers from the crash! The children used their craft skills to create paracord bracelets, which they loved wearing and kept as  mementos of their bushcraft adventure.  In the afternoon we ventured deeper into the woods to work on archery and axe throwing skills, a particular favourite of the children who loved hitting the targets!  We ended the evening with more singing and smore-making around the campfire and the now experienced campers headed off for a good night’s sleep.

The final morning brought fire-cooked breakfast muffins and more woodland games. A final sing-along capped the experience off before they boarded the coach back to Cheam. Overall, the Year 5’s bushcraft adventure was a real test of bravery and resilience and really taught the group the value of camaraderie. The children left with a profound sense of accomplishment, instilling confidence to face the year’s challenges.

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