Year 7 | British Museum Legion exhibition | Cheam School
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Year 7 travelled to the British Museum to see their blockbuster exhibition Legion, focussing on the mighty Roman army. Through an astounding array of artefacts ranging from crocodile-skin armour from Roman Egypt to the human remains of the only known victim of crucifixion in Britannia, from the recently-excavated Teutoburg forest cuirass which is unlikely to leave Germany again, to our own Vindolanda tablets, the pupils learnt much about the power, organisation and terrifying life within Rome’s legions. They got to try out helmets and test the weight of the immense scuta, measure up to see if they would stand a chance of being admitted (only a couple of our boys made the grade!), and turn the wheel of misfortune to explore the hand dealt to them by fate.

After this incredible experience, we also had the opportunity to visit some of the other galleries, including the Elgin marbles, which provided the opportunity to engage in the current debates on their display and conservation here in England. It was a great day, and particularly through their engagement and enthusiasm within the exhibition, Year 7 proved themselves keen learners.

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