Our main aims are to develop a lifelong love of reading, and to encourage pupils to use all available resources to access information and enrich their knowledge.

The library is a vibrant and attractive space where all pupils are welcome. Whether they are browsing, borrowing, reading, studying or even relaxing, this quiet oasis is always open and theirs to enjoy.

To help unleash the joy of reading our library has a wonderful selection of books that are sure to suit everyone’s tastes and interests, including short stories, poetry, biographies, and graphic novels. We continually invest in new resources, both fiction and non-fiction titles, for all ages and reading abilities. By keeping up to date with exciting new publications and authors we create an environment that reflects current trends, but one that also cherishes and champions the classics.

Variety being key, we also subscribe to a host of magazines covering a broad range of topics as we try to foster the diverse interests of our pupils. Of course, First News is a main staple, which is a newspaper full of interesting articles and age-appropriate content, helping our young readers to explore the world beyond Cheam.

Author visits

Author visits are a regular fixture, which offers our pupils the opportunity to meet and interact with real-life writers, listen to their stories, and learn about their writing process. With fun, informative and often inspirational workshops thrown into the mix, such experiences generate terrific enthusiasm and help us on our mission to cultivate lifelong readers.

Book fair

Our annual Book Fair is the perfect opportunity to explore and stock up on favourite reads. P&G Wells scour the shelves to bring the best of the best along with breakthrough releases, which is a real treat for us all. In a world often led by ads and algorithms it’s great to restore the ‘human touch’ of specialist selection.

However, technology is not the enemy! The advanced computer system we use in the library is a great example of tip top tech, featuring an interactive area for pupils where they can view their individual reading history, search for books, read peer reviews and share their love for literature. Each pupil has their own personal borrower number, enabling them to scan in and scan out independently.

Ultimately, we believe our library is a pretty special place, but why not come and see it for yourself?