PSHCEE | Cheam School

PSHCEE is recognised as a vital component of school life at Cheam.  

It is understood that staff, governors and pupils must work together to help develop students’ life and citizenship skills within a caring and consistent environment. Many PSHCEE issues are often addressed spontaneously both in and out of the classroom which is one great asset of our school community.  This works alongside our timetabled lesson for Years 3 to 8 to provide a well-rounded education for the children.

Within our PSHCEE teaching, there will always be FACTS to be taught, CONCEPTS to be explained, SKILLS to be passed on and VALUES and ATTITUDES to be encouraged.

The teaching of PSHCEE at Cheam incorporates the following objectives:

  • To engage students, families, staff and community members in creating a whole school culture based on caring relationships, high expectations for positive behaviours and absolute inclusivity in all areas of school life
  • To provide opportunities for children to learn the essentials skills needed to lead happy and healthy lives
  • To strengthen students’ commitments to positive values
  • To celebrate diversity, to promote the practice of good citizenship and to encourage respect for others