Why support us | Cheam School

Since Cheam’s inception, supporters have made a profound difference to the school and many pupils’ lives. 

In 2018 the Cheam Foundation was established as a registered charity (Charities Commission no. 1177913) in order to ring-fence donations made to the school.

The Cheam Foundation relies on the generosity and commitment of its supporters, and we are enormously grateful for any financial support we receive.

We are currently appealing to parents, alumni and friends of the school to help us build our Bursary Fund and Capital Projects Fund.

How we make a difference

Supporting able students from different backgrounds is part of our broader philosophy and our culture of giving at Cheam. The Cheam Foundation makes a real and meaningful difference to the lives of children. Below are some of the ways in which we do this.

Life-changing Bursaries

Supporting able students from different backgrounds is part of our broader philosophy and our culture of giving at Cheam.

As an Independent School we are acutely aware that financial barriers often prevent promising children from coming to Cheam.  The Cheam Foundation seeks to address this by fundraising for Bursaries and Scholarships for talented boys and girls from low-income backgrounds.  Bursaries play a crucial role in providing opportunities for talented children, regardless of their financial circumstances, to benefit from a Cheam education.

The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation

We are delighted to have partnered with The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation. Springboard is a national charity which identifies children who are most likely to benefit from a boarding school education, and finds these children by working with local charities, local authorities and youth groups in communities across the UK, particularly in areas of high social deprivation.

Your support will transform a young person’s life, helping them to reach their potential and giving them the far-reaching opportunities and experience that you, or your child, enjoyed.

Capital Projects

Throughout its history, Cheam has been incredibly fortunate to have had the support of generous parents and alumni to facilitate Cheam’s development and the philanthropy of previous Cheam families underpins most aspects of life at the school.

Apart from the original school building, almost every facility, such as the Sports Hall, Duke of Edinburgh building (Art, Design & Technology Centre) and the all-weather pitches, has benefitted from the generosity of the Cheam community. We are immensely grateful to these benefactors as, without such wonderful support, our exceptional facilities would never have been possible.

The Cheam Foundation helps to deliver the Headmaster’s and Governors’ Development Plan, focusing on carefully selected capital projects that have the broadest impact on current and future pupils.

“We believe that a Cheam Bursary has transformative power, and will have a profound influence on a child’s education and subsequent professional life. Education is a life-changing gift, transforming lives and enabling talented children to fulfil their potential”

William Phelps, Headmaster.